Review Criteria

The following charts have been designed to summarize the various details of the Faculty Handbook regarding review criteria.
Note, formal FSC reviews of candidates include extensive qualitative evaluation and discussion of faculty, and these qualitative evaluations constitute a significant part of the evaluation. The organization of review criteria below aids Academic Deans and FSC in ensuring a comprehensive and transparent evaluation of each faculty member under review.  

A brief comment on Faith Integration

In their wonderful book, The Passionate Intellect: Incarnational Humanism and the Future of University Education, Norman Klassen and Jens Zimmermann state this:

Learning and faith cannot be separated because learning is always the reflective unfolding of our belief about things.

The key point to take from this claim is this: all of us are, at every point, integrating faith and learning -- sadly, the question that needs to be clarified, however, is "whose, or what kind of faith is operative at any given point." Northwestern College has made a public commitment to see all things in light of Christ and the beauty of God's self-revelation.

Accordingly, when considering the evaluation of teaching and scholarship, we would do well to ask:  "does this given approach offer students an effective way of assessing the relationship between central Christian claims and the leading claims of a given secular discipline? 

You are invited to DOWNLOAD a chart of the Criteria for Evaluation and Tenure or the Rubrics for Evaluating Teaching.


Criteria for Evaluating Teaching

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Criteria for Evaluating Scholarship

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Criteria for Evaluating Service

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Criteria under Consideration for Each Tier/Rank/Status

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Review Criteria for Tenure

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