Presenting your Research


Once you’ve done the research, putting a poster together and getting ready for the two-hour event takes some planning.

Check here for tips on making and printing a great poster! You will also find instructions on where and when to set up your poster, what to wear, taking breaks to view other posters, and free food and drinks at the event.





Types and Sizes

We will have tables set up for your trifold poster board. We will post a template here to help you get started. The size of the posters are to be _______ . You should pick up your trifold board - on which you will mount your poster - at the VPAA office in Zwemer (2nd floor) before April 11 at the latest.


Northwestern College students should upload their poster by March 28 at 5pm. When you submit your abstract, you will receive a link to upload your poster by the due date. 

Setting up your Poster


You will be assigned a location to present your poster in the RSC. We publish two lists for you to find your location number: one sorted by departments and project titles, and the second sorted by presenter names in alphabetical order. Once you find your poster location number, check the map of RSC, linked below, to see where your location number is.

Find your location number by checking one of these lists:

  • List sorted by departments and projects
  • Alphabetical list of presenters

Then look at the map of RSC to see where you poster will be located.

Setup your table on Thursday morning, April 12, between 7 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

You may set up your poster when it is convenient for you, given the above time frames. All posters should be set up by 10:30 a.m.., Thursday, April 12th, to be ready for the start of the event at 11:00 a.m.

Note: you will need to pick up your tri-fold poster boards at the VPAA office (2nd floor Zwemer) and your poster prior to April 12. When you pick up your poster and tri-fold you will be given a small envelope with double-sided tape. It is your responsibility to mount your poster to the tri-fold.

Name Tags and Programs

A registration table will be at the north entrance of RSC, where name tags and program booklets will be provided. The program booklet includes the poster location numbers and a map of poster locations in RSC.

What to Wear

Please dress in business casual. For men we suggest dress pants or khakis and a shirt with a collar. For women we suggest dress pants or knee-length skirt and a blouse or shirt with a collar. Jeans, yoga pants, athletic clothing and short party dresses are not appropriate. Please wear comfortable shoes, since you will be standing by your poster for the majority of the two hours. You will be representing Northwestern College to prospective students/parents/donors/trustees and the Orange City community.


Viewing other Posters

Feel free to take a couple of 5-10 minute breaks during the event to view other students' presentations. If you have multiple presenters on a project, rotate among yourselves so your poster is staffed at all times. Single presenters should be mindful not to leave their poster when the presenter next to them is absent if possible.