"Do You Want to Become Great?" Mark 10:32-45

A Convocation Sermon on the topic of Servant-Leadership, Northwestern College, August 21, 2018. 

This sermon invites hearers to consider how, in our unique spheres of influence, we should aspire to greatness, recognizing that the "greatness" to which we aspire ought to conform to the gift of new life in Christ. We ought never to forget that Christ teaches us that great leadership takes the form of humble, loving, and transformative service of others. Followers of Christ have been buried with Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, have been raised to new life as leaders who serves others in humility, empathy, and skill to the glory and praise of Jesus Christ.


A RED101 Presentation

Presentation to Admitted Northwestern College Students

This slide deck outlines a number of the most significant features of the Northwestern College experience and education.



This was an invited prestentation for a Fall Faculty Workshop: Diversity Matters. Beginnign with Ta-Nehisi Coates's, this presentation lead faculty through a consideration of biblical material on reconciliation and the Jew-Gentile confilct, introduced Andrew Wall's "indigenizing" and "pilgrim" principles, and finally, engaged the landmark contribution of Gloria Ladson-Billings in an effort to provide greater understanding of pedagogy focused upon enhancing the academic success, cultural competency, and sociopolitical consciousness of our students. 


Launching a New Pilot: Flourish

The Flourish—Make Work Matter pilot has been developed with the goal of enhancing the student-employee experience. We aim to do so by providing students with:

- soft skills, that will transfer into the workplace;  
- an ability to tell a compelling story about how the acquisition of these skills has better prepared them to make a meaningful contribution in the workplace; and
- an understanding of how the focus on calling helps them to locate their lives, gifts, and aspirations within the larger context of God’s story of redemption and renewal


Are you Ready?

An invited presentation to Hispanic students, parents and teachers visiting Northwestern College College.

In 2014 there were 2.3 million Hispanic students enrolled in college.
This is a 13% increase in Hispanic enrollment (from 22% to 35%). At Northwestern College, we are striving to build true community
— a community in which the gifts and abilities of all people are recognized, honored, and celebrated!

The Gospel Mandate to welcome and Celebrate our Latino Brothers and Sisters

An invited lecture on multi-racial ministry and the chanaging demographics of the U.S., April 28, 2018

This lecture draws the connection between the recognition that migration is pervasive throughout the Bible, and the Gospel mandate (cf. the Great Commission, Matthew 22:19). It sought to foster a greater love and appreciation for the presence and blessing of Latino Christians in the U.S.
By God's providence, the sojourner has become a significant part of neustra familia!


Education, Grit and Hope

Presentation at the Northwest Iowa Cultural GRIT Conference, Friday March, 23, 2018

This address aimed to inspire persistence, creativity, and GRIT in young Northwest Iowa leaders who participated in this one-day Cultural GRIT conference.


The Gospel Mandate to Welcome and Celebrate your Latino Brothers and Sisters

An invited presentation to East Sioux Classis, March 14, 2018

This address points to the unique opportunity facing the Church to be an instrument of reconciliation and Gospel witness in the midst of an increasingly polarized U.S. society. It briefly surveys the biblical treatment of God's love for the nations, offers demographic information on "who is your Latino brother and sister?" and concludes with the Gospel mandate and radical call to deep and abiding relationship with our Latino bothers and sisters.


Strength to Love: Midnight and the Call to Justice

An invited Martin Luther King Jr., Lecture -- Justice Week, January 15, 2018.

With clear and penetrating vision, King saw the failure of the Church to break free from the shackles of segregation as a refusal to acknowledge the truth of baptism and identity in Christ. King identified a painful and persistent reality in the Church in the U.S.: the recalcitrant evil of segregation.

Christianity Rediscovered: Is Christianity a 'White Man's Religion'?"

A Ned Talk, Northwestern College, October 19, 2017

This brief lecture documents dramatic changes in the face of Christianity from 1910 to the present. Arguing that World Christianity is thriving, in part, due to its capacity (1) break from tribal gods; and (2) ground identity in the communal reality of the Church rather than in the kind of individualism so very dominant in Europe and North America.


A Theological Rationale for Commissioned Pastors at the Broader Assemblies

R.C.A. General Synod Presentation, June 9, 2017

This brief lecture displays the broad outlines of the paper I wrote for the R.C.A. as a member of the Commission on Theology. It was offered to delegates at the 2017 RCA General Synod sto that they could be well-prepared for the subsequent All-synod advisory committees at which they discussed the issue of commissioned pastors at broader assemblies.


Academic Life at Northwestern College

A Presentation to Incoming Freshmen

This slide deck was used during Freshmen orientation - to help them prepare for the academic endeavor of a Northwestern College education.


A New Academic Administrative Structure

Presentation to Northwestern College Faculty and Board of Trustees


The Challenge & Value Proposition of Christian Higher Education

A Strategic Response to Key Sociological Challenges

A presentation outlining a number of sociological and marketing challenges facing Christian Higher Education. This presentation offers a strategic response to current sociological and developmental issues among emerging adults.


College Governance, Faculty Committees, & Charting an Academic Career

Presentation to First-Year Faculty

This is a presentation given to first-year Northwestern College faculty. It constitutes an introduction to Northwestern College's expectations of faculty leading to tenure and promotion. Key elments of the Faculty Handbook are highlighted for consideration.