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Upcoming Presentations


I will be teaching a five-week Adult Education series titled "What do you Believe? -- An Introduction to Christian Theology" again at First Reformed Church, Orange City: November 19, 26, December 3, 10, and 17


A Theological Rationale for Commissioned Pastors at Broader Assemblies


2017 RCA General Synod Commissioned Pastors. This is a presentation laying out the broad outlines of the paper I wrote for the R.C.A. as a member of the Commission on Theology. The paper was offered with the purpose of helping to prepare all delegates to the 2017 RCA General Synod to discuss the issue of the representation of commissioned pastors at broader assemblies. R.C.A. General Synod Presentation, June 9, 2017

A "Ned Talk" Presentation

This brief lecture documents dramatic changes in the face of Christianity from 1910 to the present. Arguing that World Christianity is thriving, in part, due to its capacity (1) break from tribal gods; and (2) ground identity in the communal reality of the Church rather than in the kind of individualism so very dominant in Europe and North America.


Academic Life at Northwestern College: A Presentation to Incoming Freshmen


This slide deck was used during Freshmen orientation - to help them prepare for the academic endeavor of a Northwestern College education.

National Civil Rights Museum


"Strength to Love: Midnight and the Call to Justice": a paper on Martin Luther King Jr., at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. September 30, 2017


A "RED101" Presentation to Admitted Northwestern College Students                      


This slide deck represents key details offered to prospective Northwestern College students (and their parents).

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