Faculty Status Committee Review Forms

When undertaking formal reviews of faculty performance and accomplishments, the VPAA recommends that you familiarize yourself with the review criteria set out in the Faculty Handbook.
To aid you in this task, a selection of tables with appropriate review criteria has been developed. You may access this collection of review criteria here: REVIEW CRITERIA.

In an effort facilitate a clear and accurate documentation of the results of Faculty Status Reviews I have designed a number of forms. 

Once you hit "submit" - the form will be sent to Brenda Meyer who will then add it to our "Closed Minutes" section of the J Drive. 

For protection, each form is password protected - the FSC secretary and Academic Deans have been given the password. 

Kindly Choose the Appropriate Form (from the list below)

2 Year - Non Tenure Track

4 Year - Non Tenure Track

6 Year and Continuing -  Non Tenure Track

2 Year Tenure Track

4 Year Tenure Track


Promotion to Associate Professor

Promotion to Full Professor

Post-tenure review of Assistant Professor

Post-tenure review of Associate Professor

Post-tenure Full Professor