Academic Affairs — Board of Trustee Material

Spring 2018 Board of Trustee Meeting

Exhibit A

Global Education Workgroup Recommendation

Exhibit A: Click here to download the Going Global Workgroup Recommendation.

In short, the Global Education Work Group1 was charged with the task of recommending a more creative, transformative, mission-focused, academically challenging, and attractive option for Global Education at Northwestern College. The workgroup tackled this responsibility by critically examining the possibility of adapting Wheaton College’s Human Needs and Global Resources Program (HNGR) to Northwestern’s specific context. Simply put, our recommendation to the Strategic Planning Committee is that NWC should develop and pilot its own version of the HNGR program.

Exhibit B

Faculty Handbook Criteria and Understanding of Scholarship and Tenure

There appears to be a variance between the stated expectations for faculty scholarship and how the standards have been understood and applied: particularly when it comes to tenure and promotion.

Exibit B: Faculty Handbook Criteria and Understanding of Scholarship and Tenure

Exhibit C


Christian liberal arts learning has Christ at its center. Seeking to give voice to the calling and responsibility of Christian faculty to devote time and energy to scholarship and creative performance in ways that faithfully expresses the wonder, truth, and beauty of God’s revelation in the “two books” of Scripture and creation, the Office of Academic Affairs is very pleased to announce a new Faculty Excellence in Faith and Learning Award. The new Faculty Excellence in Faith and Learning Award honors individuals whose scholarship (including creative performance) exemplifies the finest expression of the kind of integrative work that connects knowledge gained from academic disciplines, and engages this knowledge in dialogue with biblical and theological understanding, and applies this knowledge in the service of the public witness of the Church through peer-reviewed publication, academic presentations, and/or creative performance.

Exhibit C: Faculty Excellence in Faith and Learning Award

Exhibit D


The adoption of Professor of Practice as a strategic effort to recruit and retain gifted individuals who bring to the college knowledge and expertise that will enable us to continue to provide an outstanding education to our students. For prospective faculty in disciplines such as Business, Healthcare, Social Work, Education, and Performing Arts etc., the expense of doctoral education and expectations of tenure may impede giving serious consideration to the opportunity of teaching and guiding the next generation of professionals. In light of this challenge, the Vice President for Academic Affairs recommends the adoption of a title and class of professor called a “Professor of Practice.” 

Exhibit D: The current version of the Professor of Practice Proposal under consideration can be found here. 

Exhibit E

Faculty Faith & Learning Seminar: Spring 2018

Northwestern College’s Vision for Learning calls us to root our understanding of God, creation, scholarly calling and practice in Scripture and the confessions of Reformed theology. This vision creates space for all who wish to deepen their understanding of the Word and grow in their knowledge of the identity and action of God. 

All who teach at Northwestern College are invited to reflect upon their discipline and research in light of the life-giving witness and redemptive work of the triune God. Our Vision for Learning asserts that we pursue “liberal arts education as worship experienced in community and offered to the glory of God.” Accordingly, we seek to teach, write, and live in light of the biblical claim that “all things have been created through him and for him” (Colossians 1:13-14; 16). 

A copy of the syllabus that outlines what faculty are learning this semester can be accessed here:

Exhibit E: Faculty Faith & Learning Seminar - Spring 2018


Exhibit F

Academic Affairs: Faculty and Departmental Achievements

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and each of the four Academic Deans complete a report on faculty and student accomplishments, program developments, and enrollment / recruitment initiatives each month. These reports are submitted to the executive of the Board of Trustees. 

I have compiled all of this information into one substantial report that you can download here:

Exhibit F: Academic Affairs: Faculty and Departmental Accomplishments