Administrative & Academic Appointments


Northwestern College

2016 - present


Vice President for Academic Affairs

As the Chief Academic Officer of the college, I am charged with the responsibility of advancing the academic program by fostering excellence in student learning, faculty scholarship and creative performance. My work involves the prudent management of a budget in excess of 12 million dollars. I lead and supervise the operations of all academic departments of the college, all members of the faculty, academic administrative officers and employees, and am responsible for academic support and all curricular programs. 

In the course of seeking to advance excellence in student learning, faculty scholarship and creative performance, I direct the work of four talented academic deans: Dean of Arts and Humanities, Graduate and Adult Education, Natural and Applied Sciences, and the Dean of Social Sciences. Also, I supervise the work of the Directors of the library, computing services, audiovisual services, academic support, institutional research, honors program, NWCore, freshman year seminar program (FYS), global education, institutional assessment, the Franken Leadership Center and the Registrar's office. 

I also oversee the development, evaluation, and promotion of faculty, the curriculum, and am responsible for providing leadership to following committees: Academic Affairs, Academic Program Assessment, Faculty Development, Faculty Status Committee, Northwestern Core, Institutional Research, and the Deans Council. 

I am privileged to offer a clear and compelling articulation of the integration of faith, learning and living in the total academic program consistent with Northwestern’s Vision for Learning and Vision for Diversity statements. Key to this work is my leadership of the Strategic Planning Committee through which I have sought to build institutional capacity for innovative program development while responsibly balancing fixed and variable costs.
I report directly to the President of the college, serve on the President’s Cabinet, and report to the Board of Trustees and the President’s National Advisory Committee on the state of the college.


Hope College



Director of the Emmaus Scholars Program

In view of the  research of the National Survey of Student Engagement, I was invited to develop a new and innovative living / learning community at Hope College. In response to a Board of Trustee recommendation to facilitate greater co-operation among the three program areas of the College: academic, student development, and campus ministry, I developed the Emmaus Scholars Program

Based upon the biblical mandate of Micah 6:8 and Jeremiah 29:7, I designed and successfully launched a learning program with the aim of helping students to form deep friendship, to grow spiritually, and embody their love of God and neighbor in a wholly integrated fashion.

Program design, budgeting, marketing, curricular design, recruitment, consulting on the renovation of college property, and administrative oversight of this program allowed me the opportunity to build supportive relationships with individuals and offices in almost every area of the College. In addition, serving as Director of the Emmaus Scholars Program afforded me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in donor relations and grant writing.


Hope College



Leonard and Marjorie Maas Professor of Reformed Theology

Beyond carrying out teaching responsibilities and scholarship related to occupying the endowed Leonard and Marjorie Maas Professorship of Reformed Theology, I was afforded the opportunity to carry out a number of administrative responsibilities and devoted considerable energy to developing several co-curricular programs.

In partnership with the Dean of the Chapel, Rev., Dr. Trygve Johnson,I developed a new series of chapel talks framed around faculty reflections upon “everyday questions". My direct contribution to this series took the form of a sermon on discerning the will of God: "Jonah and the call of God" (preached on October 2, 2014). 

I provided substantial leadership to the Veritas Forum planning committee (from 2007-2015). The clearest expression of this leadership took the form of delivering the 2011 Veritas Keynote address: "True Communities True Selves: Exploring True Community in a Virtual World”.


Wheaton College



Assistant Professor of Theology

Beyond carrying out teaching responsibilities and scholarship related to my academic position, I took on a number of administrative roles including running the Annual Wheaton Theology Conference.

Directing the Annual Wheaton Theology Conference from 2002-2007, I oversaw the selection of topics, managed the budget, scheduling, communications, marketing, secured the participation of scholars, supervised the administration of travel, sales, and logistics. In addition, I secured publishing agreements with InterVarsity Press, edited brought the following volumes to publication:

Ancient Faith for the Church’s Future. Mark Husbands and Jeffrey P. Greenman, eds. InterVarsity Press: Downers Grove, 2008.

The Beauty of God: Theology and the Arts. Mark Husbands, Roger Lundin and Dan Treier, eds., InterVarsity Press: Downers Grove, 2007.

Women, Ministry and the Gospel: Exploring New Paradigms. Mark Husbands and Tim Larsen, eds. InterVarsity Press: Downers Grove, 2007.

The Community of the Word: Toward an Evangelical Ecclesiology. Mark Husbands and Daniel J. Treier, eds., InterVarsity Press: Downers Grove, 2005.

Justification: What’s at Stake in the Recent Debates. Mark Husbands and Daniel J. Treier, eds., InterVarsity Press: Downers Grove, 2004.


Tyndale University College



Director of Summer School and Extension Studies, Professor of Theology

In 1999, I was appointed to the Administrative position of Director of Summer School and Extension Studies. Beyond serving on the Academic Policies Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee, I lead an extensive graduate extension studies and summer school program. This involved securing faculty for over 65 graduate and undergraduate courses (serving approximately 1,300 students) annually, and administering a year-long extension studies program in two different cities: Ottawa and Oakville.

I successfully grew enrollment, ensuring the fiscal and academic integrity of these program while setting and and meeting measurable institutional goals among a diverse student population, and generated an annual revenue of over $1.25 million returning a budget surplus to the Seminary each year.