An Abbreviated Biography


Mark Husbands was born in Cardiff, Wales on December 2, 1961. He emigrated to Canada with his family in 1968. He attended Stratford Central High School. A graduate of York University in Toronto, Canada, he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Music. At the University of Toronto, he completed a Master’s degree writing a thesis on the language philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Martin Heidegger and launched the academic journal, Prolegomena. Working under the supervision of one of the world's leading Christian theologians (the late John Webster), he completed a dissertation on Karl Barth’s ethics of prayer.  

In 1999, Husbands was appointed Professor of Theology and Director of Extension and Summer School at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. Securing faculty for over 65 graduate and undergraduate courses (serving approximately 1,300 students) annually, and administering a year-long extension studies program in Ottawa and Oakville, his programs generated annual revenue of over $1,250,000, returning a budget surplus to the Seminary each year.

In 2001, Husbands was appointed Assistant Professor of Theology at Wheaton College, teaching and supervising the research of both undergraduate and graduate students. At Wheaton, he played a critical role in raising the profile of the discipline of theology by successfully leading Wheaton’s annual Theology Conferences publishing six edited volumes, and making substantial contributions to global and leadership education, the study of Karl Barth, world Christianity, political theology, and ethics.

In 2007, Husbands was installed as the inaugural occupant of the Leonard and Marjorie Maas Chair of Reformed Theology at Hope College. His commitment to the vital significance of Christian theology, combined with his longstanding concern for the moral, intellectual, and spiritual formation of students, led him to develop the Emmaus Scholars Program: a program that engages students, academically, socially, and spiritually, with the goal of cultivating a lifelong commitment to integral mission, racial reconciliation, and community development.

In 2016, he became the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) at Northwestern College. As the Chief Academic Officer of the college, he is responsible for the oversight and management of an annual $12,460,900 budget in support of 87 full time and 109 part-time faculty members, and over  1250 students. As the VPAA, he also supervises the work of graduate and undergraduate academic Deans, the Directors of library, computing services, audiovisual services, academic support, institutional research, honors program, NWCore, freshman year seminar program (FYS), global education, institutional assessment, the Franken Leadership Center and the Registrar's office.

Mark is married to Rebekah, and together they have raised three adult children, Olivia, Elliott, and Ethan.